Adobe Substance 3D Designer Users Beware of Malicious Files

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.8

Adobe Substance 3D Designer, a 3D modeling software, is affected by a vulnerability that could allow hackers to take control of users’ computers. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2023-26409, is a type of buffer overflow issue that occurs when opening specially crafted files in the software.

Buffer overflows happen when a program tries to store more data in a buffer (temporary data storage area) than it was intended to hold. In this case, hackers could create a malicious file that tricks the software into reading past the end of the intended buffer. This could allow the execution of malicious code on the user’s machine with their privileges.

To exploit the vulnerability, hackers need users to open a boobytrapped file. So users should be cautious about opening files from unknown or untrusted sources. It’s always best to get files only from official websites and trusted peers.

Adobe has released an update, version 12.4.0, to address this vulnerability. Users are advised to update to the latest version as soon as possible to protect themselves against any potential attacks. Following basic security practices like avoiding suspicious files can also help keep users safe.