Akuvox E11 SSH Server Vulnerability Allows Remote Access as Root

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.8

The Akuvox E11 VoIP phone has a serious remote access vulnerability due to its default SSH server configuration.

CVE-2023-0345 affects the SSH service on the Akuvox E11, which is enabled and accessible by anyone on the network using the root account by default. This poses a major risk as attackers can log in remotely as the root user without any authentication.

Once logged in, they will have full administrative access to the phone and can modify settings, install malware, extract sensitive call logs and configuration files. This makes the phones vulnerable to remote hacking.

To carry out attacks, hackers only need the IP address of the vulnerable E11 phones. They can then use common SSH tools to login remotely as root without a password.

If you use an Akuvox E11, you should immediately change the default password for the root account or better still disable the SSH server if it is not needed. Make sure to keep your phone’s firmware updated with the latest patches as well. You can also consider blocking SSH access from external networks using a firewall for added protection.

Taking prompt action can help secure your VoIP network and prevent unauthorized remote access to your Akuvox phones by malicious actors exploiting this critical vulnerability. Regular security reviews of default credentials and services are also advisable for all internet-connected devices.