Beware! EC-WEB FS-EZViewer Web Application Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attacks

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.8

The EC-WEB FS-EZViewer web application has been found to contain a SQL injection vulnerability that allows attackers to read, modify or delete database records.

SQL injection occurs when user-supplied input is inserted into an SQL query in an unsafe manner, allowing an attacker to manipulate the query’s meaning and gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or make changes to the database.

In this case, the EC-WEB FS-EZViewer query functionality does not properly sanitize user input. An authenticated user could potentially inject malicious SQL commands through web requests to view, change or delete any data in the backend database. They could even escalate their privileges to administrator level by exploiting the dbo privilege in the database.

To protect themselves, users of EC-WEB FS-EZViewer should make sure they are running the latest version of the software, which hopefully patches this security issue. Administrators should also closely monitor the database and web server logs for any signs of unauthorized access or changes. Regular backups of the database should be maintained in case data gets corrupted.

In general, it is always a good idea to keep all software up-to-date, use strong and unique passwords, and monitor accounts and systems for any suspicious activity. This helps mitigate risks from software vulnerabilities until the developers issue patches.