Beware of DDoS attacks on XYZ routers – Follow these steps to protect your home network

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

The popular XYZ brand of home routers is affected by a vulnerability that allows remote attackers to launch denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

With CVE-2024-24781, attackers can cause excessive traffic on the ethernet port of affected XYZ routers through an uncontrolled resource consumption issue. This would overwhelm the router and make it unavailable for regular internet usage.

While routers have multiple ports to connect devices, a DDoS attack targets a single port with huge amounts of junk network traffic. As the router tries to process this malicious traffic, it eats up all available resources like CPU, memory and bandwidth. Eventually the router bogs down and hangs, disrupting the internet for all connected devices.

If you have an XYZ router, you should update its firmware to the latest version released by the company. Most firmware updates include security fixes for known issues. You can also enable features like port security and traffic prioritization on your router to better control network traffic.

Following basic cybersecurity practices like using strong and unique passwords can help secure your home network. Avoid clicking unverified links or downloading files from untrusted sources which could enable remote attacks on your router. Staying updated helps protect your connected devices from the latest DDoS threats.