Beware of Denial of Service Attacks on Spring Framework Applications

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Spring Framework is a popular open-source Java web application development framework used by many developers worldwide. Unfortunately, certain versions of Spring Framework and Spring Security are affected by a vulnerability that can allow attackers to cause denial of service (DoS) on applications built using these technologies.

Specifically, Spring Framework versions 6.0.15 and 6.1.2 as well as Spring Security versions 6.1.6+ and 6.2.1+ are vulnerable. Attackers can craft malicious HTTP requests that exploit how these frameworks process requests. This can overwhelm application resources and make services unavailable to legitimate users.

Applications using Spring MVC and having Spring Security on the classpath in the vulnerable versions are at risk. Most Spring Boot applications would meet these conditions by default since they typically include the spring-boot-starter-web and spring-boot-starter-security dependencies.

To protect yourself, upgrade to the latest versions of Spring Framework and Spring Security as soon as possible. The newer versions fix this vulnerability. You should also monitor your applications for signs of unusual load or slowed response times which could indicate an attack is underway. Applying the latest security patches promptly helps shield you from exploits.

Staying on top of updates for widely used libraries and frameworks is important to maintain the availability and security of your web applications. Act now to upgrade and help prevent denial of service on your Spring systems.