Beware of Malicious Files in Adobe Substance 3D Stager

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.8

Adobe Substance 3D Stager, a 3D content creation software, is affected by a buffer overflow vulnerability. A buffer overflow occurs when a program tries to store more data in a buffer (temporary data storage area) than it was intended to hold. This can corrupt memory and allow attackers to execute malicious code.

In this case, opening a specially crafted file could cause Adobe Substance 3D Stager to overwrite memory and run code of an attacker’s choice. This would give the attacker full control of the affected computer. While the vulnerability requires a victim to open a malicious file, it is always best to keep your software updated to prevent any potential attacks.

Adobe has released an update to version 2.0.1 of Substance 3D Stager to address this issue. Users are strongly recommended to update their software immediately. It is also safest to avoid opening files from unknown or untrusted sources which could potentially be exploited. Staying vigilant about software updates and practicing safe downloading habits can help protect you from buffer overflow and other malware attacks targeting common 3D design tools.