Beware of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in Online Food Ordering System

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.8

The Online Food Ordering System v1.0 has been found to be vulnerable to SQL Injection attacks. SQL Injection is a code injection technique used to attack data-driven applications like databases. It involves inserting malicious SQL statements into an entry field for execution by the backend database.

In this case, the ‘id’ parameter in the routers/add-ticket.php page is not sanitizing user input before using it in a SQL query. A malicious actor can craft a URL with SQL code in the ‘id’ field to manipulate the database. This allows them to view sensitive data, make changes to data and even take control of the underlying database.

As an online food ordering system stores personal user data like names, addresses and payment details, a SQL Injection vulnerability can have serious consequences. An attacker can steal customer records or even place fraudulent food orders on others’ accounts.

Users of this online food ordering system should check if their version is vulnerable or not. The developers should update to the latest version which fixes this issue. In general, user input should always be validated, filtered and escaped before using it in a database query to prevent SQL Injection attacks. Application developers must follow secure coding practices and security best practices.