Bot Management Tool “Kedi ElectronCord” Exposes API Token, Putting Users at Risk

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Kedi ElectronCord is a popular bot management tool for Discord that was found to expose a sensitive API token in its configuration file. This could allow malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to user accounts managed by the tool.

API tokens are used by many applications and services to authenticate and authorize access on behalf of the user. When exposed, as was the case in this vulnerability, attackers could use the token to impersonate the user and perform actions through the tool without permission.

In the case of a bot management tool, this could mean attackers taking control of user-created bots on Discord servers. They would then be able to send messages, view chat histories, or even delete server roles and channels if the bots had sufficient permissions.

It’s always important for software developers to properly secure any credentials or tokens used by their applications. Storing them in plain text in publicly accessible files, like a configuration file, makes them trivial for hackers to find and exploit.

If you use Kedi ElectronCord, it’s recommended to generate a new API token for your account in case the one exposed has been compromised. You should also closely monitor bot activity for any unauthorized actions. And make sure to always keep your software up to date, as new vulnerabilities may be fixed with updates. Taking basic security precautions can help prevent attackers from accessing your accounts through vulnerabilities like this one.