Buildroot Users Beware! Critical Vulnerabilities Found in Package Management

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.1

Buildroot is an open-source tool used for embedded Linux development. Security researchers have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in how Buildroot verifies package integrity that could allow attackers to compromise systems.

The vulnerabilities are due to flaws in how Buildroot checks hashes of packages during installation. A man-in-the-middle attacker could intercept packages being downloaded and substitute malicious files without detection. This would enable the execution of arbitrary code on Buildroot systems with the privileges of the package management process.

The issues were assigned the identifier CVE-2023-45842 and have a CVSS score of 8.1, making them critical risks. They affect Buildroot versions 2023.08.1 and earlier.

If you use Buildroot, it is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest version immediately to patch these security holes. You should also consider independent verification of downloaded packages using tools like GPG signatures. Being vigilant about keeping Buildroot up-to-date will help prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities like this in the future.