Chamilo LMS Users Beware of Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.8

The popular open source learning management system (LMS) Chamilo is affected by a high severity remote code execution vulnerability. According to reports, versions 1.11.24 and below of Chamilo LMS have an unrestricted file upload feature in their document management module.

This allows any authenticated user with learner privileges to upload PHP files to the server. Since the web server will interpret PHP files as code, an attacker can craft a malicious file to execute arbitrary commands on the server with the privilege of the web application. This can lead to complete compromise of the server and any data hosted on it.

As Chamilo LMS is often used to host sensitive student data and online courses, this vulnerability poses a serious risk. Attackers may be able to access, modify or delete user data or install malware and backdoors for long term access.

The best way to protect yourself is to upgrade to the latest version of Chamilo LMS which patches this file upload vulnerability. Administrators should also carefully review the privileges and access of all users and restrict file uploads only to trusted administrators. Proper security practices like keeping software updated, restricting privileges and monitoring servers for intrusions are recommended to prevent exploitation of such vulnerabilities.