Critical Command Injection Vulnerability Patched in RUGGEDCOM Network Devices

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.1

RUGGEDCOM, a leading provider of industrial networking equipment, has released firmware updates to address a serious command injection vulnerability impacting many of their ROX network device models.

The vulnerability resides in the install-app URL parameter of the web interface. Without proper sanitization of user input, an authenticated attacker could potentially craft URLs that execute arbitrary commands on the underlying operating system with root privileges.

This could allow the attacker to completely compromise affected devices and disrupt industrial control network operations. Command injection is a very common type of vulnerability that has been used in many high profile cyber attacks over the years.

All RUGGEDCOM customers using affected ROX device models earlier than version 2.16.0 are highly recommended to update their firmware immediately. Administrators should also consider changing default credentials if not already updated. Regular patching of internet-facing systems is also important to mitigate risks from known exploits.

While technology vendors work hard to identify and fix issues, network owners must remain vigilant. By taking some basic steps like ensuring all software is updated, passwords are strong and unique, and unnecessary access is disabled, many cyber threats can be avoided.