Critical Directory Traversal Vulnerability Patched in CP-8031 and CP-8050 Web Servers

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

CP-8031 and CP-8050 web servers from Company Name were found to have a vulnerability that could allow unauthorised access to files on the server. The vulnerability was due to a lack of input sanitization on the /sicweb-ajax/tmproot/ endpoint of the web server.

This could let an authenticated attacker traverse directories and download arbitrary files from the server by manipulating the endpoint. Even more concerning is that by exploring active session IDs, the vulnerability could potentially be exploited to escalate privileges to the administrator role.

Directory traversal attacks work by manipulating URL paths to access files and directories that are normally not accessible. Without proper sanitization, a malicious user could craft requests to read sensitive configuration files or executable code that may contain credentials.

The CVSS score of 7.5 also indicates this is a serious vulnerability. Company Name has released patches to fix this issue in versions CPCI85 V05.11 and above. Users are highly recommended to update their CP-8031 and CP-8050 devices immediately to the latest firmware to protect against this security risk. Regular patching of internet-facing devices is also important to mitigate vulnerabilities like this.