Critical Vulnerability Found in SICK Flexi Gateways – Update Your Devices Now

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

SICK Flexi Gateways are industrial networking devices used to connect machines and sensors in manufacturing environments. Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in certain models of SICK Flexi Gateways that could allow remote attackers to disrupt operations.

The vulnerability exists due to a lack of authentication for changing important network settings like the IP address via UDP broadcast packets. By sending specially crafted packets to the broadcast address, an attacker on the same network as the vulnerable device could modify its network configuration without authentication.

This could influence the availability of the device, as changing its IP address would cause it to become unreachable on the network until its settings are restored. An attacker may do this to cause disruption or interfere with industrial processes that rely on communication with the affected devices.

SICK has released firmware updates to address this issue for the affected models listed in their security advisory. It is strongly recommended that all owners and operators of SICK Flexi Classic and Flexi Soft Gateways check if their devices are vulnerable and update them to the latest firmware version immediately. Regularly checking for and applying updates is also advised to stay protected against any new vulnerabilities discovered in the future.

By updating your SICK Flexi Gateways, you can help prevent remote attackers from potentially interfering with your industrial control systems through this authentication bypass vulnerability. Take action now to patch your devices and stay secure.