Critical Vulnerability Found in TRENDNet Wireless Routers – Update Your Firmware Now

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in TRENDNet wireless routers that could allow remote attackers to take complete control of affected devices.

The vulnerability is due to a buffer overflow issue found in the guest network settings page of the routers’ web interface. By sending a specially crafted request, an attacker could potentially execute arbitrary code on the device with root privileges.

As the exploit is now publicly known, threat actors are likely actively targeting vulnerable TRENDNet routers. This gives them full access to monitor network traffic, install malware, steal sensitive data and perform other malicious activities without the owner’s knowledge.

All TRENDNet router owners are highly recommended to update their firmware to the latest version immediately. This will patch the vulnerability and protect the device from remote exploitation. Users should also consider changing the router’s default login credentials to prevent unauthorized access.

While firmware updates can prevent this specific issue, it’s generally a good idea for homeowners and small businesses to stay up-to-date with all manufacturer security updates. Outdated routers are at high risk of various exploits that could compromise the entire local network and connected devices. Regular maintenance helps ensure online safety.