Critical Vulnerability Patched in Padmd Tool – Update Now!

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.4

Padmd, a popular network administration tool used to manage network devices, was found to have a vulnerability that could allow attackers to execute code remotely.

The vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-20812 with a CVSS score of 8.4 is an out-of-bounds write issue located in the library’s padmd_vld_htbl function. This could allow an attacker to write data past the end of an allocated buffer, corrupting memory and potentially allowing the execution of arbitrary code.

Attackers could exploit this vulnerability by connecting to an affected Padmd installation and sending specially crafted requests containing long strings. If successful, this may allow the execution of malicious code which could compromise system security.

All Padmd users are urged to update to the latest February 2024 release as soon as possible. Administrators should also review their authentication and access controls to limit who can connect to the Padmd service. Following basic security practices like keeping systems updated can help prevent the exploitation of vulnerabilities like this.