IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i Systems Vulnerability Allows Local Users to Access Sensitive Data

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.4

IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i is a tool used to manage IBM i servers and databases. According to security researchers, versions 7.2 through 7.5 of this software are affected by a vulnerability that could allow unauthorized access to sensitive system information.

The vulnerability arises due to a lack of proper access controls when handling requests from local users. By exploiting this, an authenticated user on the system could potentially obtain confidential data that they are not authorized to see. This could include database credentials, configuration files containing passwords, log files with sensitive error details and more.

An attacker with a local system account could run commands or applications with elevated privileges through IBM Administration Runtime Expert for i to extract protected information from the server that they would otherwise not have access to. This poses a risk of data breaches or further unauthorized access to the system.

Organizations using affected versions of this IBM management software should immediately apply the latest updates, which fix the flaw. Administrators are also advised to audit system permissions and make sure only authorized personnel have access to the server. Enabling multi-factor authentication where possible provides an additional layer of protection. Being vigilant against potential insider threats is important as well to reduce risks from this vulnerability.