Lite Web Server Vulnerable to Denial of Service Attacks

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Lite Web Server, a popular lightweight web server package, is vulnerable to denial of service attacks according to a new CVE assigned.

The vulnerability assigned the ID CVE-2023-26104 has a CVSS score of 7.5, making it a high severity issue. Attackers can cause the web server to stop responding by sending specially crafted HTTP requests that include control characters the decodeURI() function used by Lite Web Server is unable to parse correctly.

When an attacker sends these malformed requests, it can exhaust resources on the target server and prevent it from processing legitimate traffic, blocking access for valid users. This is known as a denial of service (DoS) attack.

If you are using Lite Web Server, you should update to the latest version immediately to patch this vulnerability. Ensure your server and all packages have the latest security updates applied. Consider using a web application firewall or load balancer to filter requests and protect servers from these types of attacks until updates are in place.

Monitoring servers for signs of unusual load or traffic that could indicate an in-progress attack is also recommended. Patching promptly and having defenses in depth can help prevent servers from being taken down by exploitation of this newly disclosed vulnerability in Lite Web Server.