Milesight Camera Systems Vulnerable to Denial of Service Attacks

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Milesight is a manufacturer of IP cameras and video surveillance systems. According to a recent security advisory, some models of Milesight cameras are vulnerable to denial of service attacks.

The vulnerability exists in the eventcore functionality of the Milesight UR32L camera firmware version Eventcore is the component that handles network requests to the camera. Researchers found that by sending a specially crafted network request, an attacker could potentially cause the camera to crash or stop responding. This would lead to a denial of service situation where authorized users cannot access live video feeds or control the camera remotely.

An attacker does not need privileged access or authentication to exploit this vulnerability. By simply sending a malicious network packet to the camera’s IP address, they can trigger the crash and cause an outage. This makes the cameras an easy target for denial of service attacks.

Milesight has released an updated firmware version to address this issue. All owners of Milesight UR32L cameras running firmware or below should update to the latest version immediately. Regularly checking for and applying security updates is also recommended. Users should monitor their camera systems and contact Milesight support if an outage occurs without any legitimate cause. Following basic cybersecurity best practices like using strong unique passwords and disabling unused features can help mitigate risks.