Nginx-ui Monitoring Tool Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.7

The Nginx-ui monitoring tool was found to have a vulnerability that could allow attackers to execute code remotely on servers using it.

Nginx-ui is used to monitor server metrics like CPU usage, memory usage, load average and disk usage in real-time. However, it was discovered that its API exposed some dangerous Nginx configuration settings that could be modified without authentication. This included settings to reload, restart or run custom commands on the Nginx server.

Hackers could potentially exploit this to gain unauthorized access and control of servers using the monitoring tool. They may be able to escalate privileges, run malicious code or steal sensitive information.

The good news is that the developers have released an update to version 2.0.0.beta.9 that fixes this security issue. It is important for all Nginx-ui users to update to the latest version immediately to protect their servers. Users should also review their API access controls and make sure only authorized apps and users can modify server configurations through the API.

Regularly applying software updates is one of the best ways to bolster your cybersecurity defenses against newly discovered vulnerabilities. Stay vigilant and keep your systems protected.