Protect Your Dell Data with this Critical Update

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.8

Dell Data Protection Search is a tool used by many organizations to manage backups and search stored data. Unfortunately, a serious vulnerability was recently discovered that could allow hackers to easily access passwords and take control of DP Search systems.

The technical details are that version 19.2.0 and below have an issue where passwords are exposed in plain text when using certain LDAP settings. This means that anyone who discovers this flaw could simply view and steal the passwords without any authentication required.

Once a hacker has the passwords, they would then be able to fully compromise the DP Search server. This gives them the ability to delete, modify or steal any backed up data that organizations rely on DP Search to protect. It’s a real risk to confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information.

The good news is that Dell has released updates to fix this problem. It’s critical that all DP Search administrators apply the latest version without delay. You should also consider changing any passwords just to be safe. Taking quick action now can prevent unwanted access to your backups and sensitive organizational data. Staying on top of security patches is so important for tools that safeguard your valuable information assets.