Protect Your Flask AppBuilder Admin Panel: Update to Fix Brute Force Vulnerability

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Flask AppBuilder is a popular open source administration framework for Flask applications. Unfortunately, versions prior to 4.3.0 of Flask AppBuilder are affected by a vulnerability that allows brute force attacks against the admin panel login.

The issue is that rate limiting was not enabled by default in older versions. This meant that without any restrictions, an attacker could try logging in repeatedly with different credentials in an attempt to gain access through brute force. By making many login attempts in a short period of time, the attacker increases their chances of eventually guessing the right password.

In Flask AppBuilder 4.3.0, developers can now enable rate limiting which puts restrictions on the number of login attempts allowed within a specific time frame. If exceeded, the IP address will be temporarily blocked from making further attempts. This makes brute force attacks much less effective.

If you are using a version of Flask AppBuilder prior to 4.3.0, you should immediately update to the latest version. Alternatively, ensure that rate limiting is enabled if your version supports this feature. Regularly changing administrative passwords is also recommended. Taking these steps will help secure your Flask AppBuilder admin panel from brute force credential stuffing and cracking attempts. Staying on top of software updates is important for security.