Protect Your GitHub Repository from Stored XSS Attacks in phpMyFAQ

CVSScvssV3_0: 8.6

The open source PHP helpdesk and knowledge base system phpMyFAQ was found to have a vulnerability before version 3.1.10 that could allow attackers to perform stored cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Stored XSS occurs when malicious JavaScript is stored in a database which is later displayed to users without being properly sanitized. In phpMyFAQ, an attacker could craft a specially malicious question or answer that would store JavaScript in the database. When another user or an administrator views the page containing that question or answer, the JavaScript would execute in their browser.

This could allow the attacker to steal user cookies and session tokens, redirect users to malicious sites, or perform other unwanted actions on the victim’s browser. They would essentially be able to run code as if they were the victim.

If you have a GitHub repository that uses an older version of phpMyFAQ, you should immediately update to version 3.1.10 or later. This fixes the stored XSS vulnerability. It’s also always a good idea to sanitize any user input before displaying it, to prevent XSS and other injection attacks.

Be vigilant about keeping your software up to date. Outdated versions often have unpatched vulnerabilities that could allow attackers in. Check for updates regularly, and apply them promptly to help secure your GitHub code repository and users.