Protect Your GitHub Repository from Stored XSS Attacks in phpMyFAQ

CVSScvssV3_0: 8.6

The open source PHP helpdesk and knowledge base system phpMyFAQ was found to have a vulnerability before version 3.1.10 that could allow attackers to perform stored cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Stored XSS occurs when malicious JavaScript is stored in a database or in a file that is served to users. When the page containing the malicious code is loaded, the JavaScript will execute in the victim’s browser. This allows attackers to steal user cookies and session tokens, redirect users to malicious sites, or perform other unwanted actions on the victim’s behalf.

In phpMyFAQ, user-supplied data was not properly sanitized before being displayed back to users. An attacker could craft a specially malicious question or answer that contained JavaScript code. When another user or administrator viewed the page containing this tainted data, their browser would execute the embedded script.

If your GitHub repository uses an older version of phpMyFAQ that is vulnerable, it is important to update to phpMyFAQ 3.1.10 or later to patch this security hole. You should also carefully review any existing questions or answers for signs of injected scripts.

To protect yourself even when up-to-date, be cautious of any unsolicited or unexpected content from other users. Do not blindly trust data from external sources. Always think before clicking suspicious looking links or downloading odd files, even from sources you expect to be safe.