Protect your PostgreSQL Databases: Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability in pgjdbc Driver

CVSScvssV3_1: 10

The popular PostgreSQL JDBC driver pgjdbc is affected by a critical SQL injection vulnerability. Attackers can exploit this to alter database queries and bypass authentication.

pgjdbc allows Java applications to connect and interact with PostgreSQL databases. However, versions before 42.7.2 are vulnerable if using the “SIMPLE” query mode. This allows attackers to construct malicious payloads that get interpreted as part of the SQL query instead of as safe placeholders.

By including SQL code in the payload, attackers can modify queries to alter or extract sensitive data like user credentials. This works even if the application uses parameterized queries, which are normally secure against SQL injection.

To protect yourself, upgrade pgjdbc to the latest version immediately. Also make sure to use the default “PREPARED” query mode instead of SIMPLE. Review any logs or databases for signs of unauthorized access. Going forward, apply updates promptly and monitor for vulnerabilities in critical third-party libraries.

Staying on top of security issues is important to keep your data safe. By taking prompt action, you can prevent attackers from exploiting this vulnerability in pgjdbc to compromise your PostgreSQL databases.