Protect Your PrestaShop Store from SQL Injection Attacks

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.8

PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform used by many online stores to power their websites. Unfortunately, a vulnerability was discovered in a PrestaShop plugin called eo_tags which could allow attackers to perform SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection is a type of attack where malicious code is inserted into SQL queries, the language used to communicate with databases. This allows attackers to view data from the database and even modify or delete it. In this case, attackers could exploit the eo_tags plugin by crafting a special cookie containing malicious SQL code.

When this cookie is sent to the website, the vulnerable plugin does not sanitize the input properly before using it in a database query. This causes the malicious SQL code to execute, allowing the attacker to completely take over the database. They can then view, modify or delete any data stored in the PrestaShop database like user accounts, orders and products.

The good news is there is an update available to fix this vulnerability. All PrestaShop store owners using the eo_tags plugin should update to version 1.4.19 or later as soon as possible to close this security hole. You should also make sure any other plugins or themes installed are up to date. Taking regular backups of your database is also recommended in case any data is compromised by this attack before you can update.

By keeping your PrestaShop installation and all plugins/themes updated with the latest security fixes, you can help protect your store and your customers from SQL injection and other web attacks. Staying on top of updates is one of the best ways to stay secure online.