Protect your site from DDoS attacks with Sentry – learn about the latest Astro SDK vulnerability

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Sentry is a popular tool used by many websites and applications to monitor errors and track performance issues. A recent vulnerability was discovered in versions 7.78.0 to 7.86.0 of Sentry’s Astro SDK that could allow attackers to cause denial of service (DDoS) on sites using the affected versions.

The vulnerability is a Regular expression Denial of Service (ReDoS) issue. Regular expressions are used widely in software to validate inputs like URLs, emails etc. However, specially crafted inputs containing excessive backtracking in regular expressions can cause the program to get stuck in an infinite loop. Attackers exploited this ReDoS vulnerability by sending requests containing malicious payloads that caused the server to get stuck in computation, blocking legitimate users.

Luckily Sentry developers were quick to respond and released version 7.87.0 with fixes for this vulnerability. If you have a site using Sentry’s Astro SDK, it is recommended to immediately upgrade to the latest version 7.87.0 or above to protect against such DDoS attacks. Regularly checking for and applying security updates is a good practice to follow for any software or libraries your site relies on.

Staying on top of the latest vulnerabilities and keeping your software updated can help secure your site from bad actors. So don’t take chances – upgrade Sentry Astro SDK now to keep your site safe and available for users.