Protect Your WordPress Site: SQL Injection Vulnerability Found in Adifier – Classified Ads WordPress Theme

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.3

A SQL injection vulnerability has been discovered in the Adifier – Classified Ads WordPress Theme. SQL injection attacks modify existing SQL queries to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data within a database like user credentials or financial information.

SQL injection works by inserting malicious SQL code into entry fields on a website, which then gets passed to the backend database for execution. This allows an attacker to view data they shouldn’t have access to or even take control of the underlying database.

The vulnerability was found in how the theme handles special characters entered by users. Special characters like ‘; could be used to terminate the original SQL statement and inject a new one, allowing an attacker to view sensitive data or potentially escalate their privileges.

If you use the Adifier theme, update to version 3.1.4 or later which fixes this issue. Also make sure to keep your WordPress install and plugins up to date. Using strong, unique passwords and limiting user privileges on your site also helps prevent SQL injection attacks.

Staying on top of security updates and practicing safe coding is important for all websites that interface with databases. Take care to sanitize all user input and only include what is necessary in SQL queries to protect your site and users from these types of attacks.