Ruggedcom Crossbow SQL Injection Vulnerability Allows Attackers Database Access

CVSScvssV3_1: 8.8

A serious SQL injection vulnerability has been discovered in Ruggedcom Crossbow versions prior to 5.3 that could allow remote attackers to compromise databases.

Ruggedcom Crossbow is industrial control system (ICS) and SCADA software used to monitor and manage critical infrastructure networks. Unfortunately, the audit log form in earlier versions is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

SQL injection works by inserting malicious SQL code into vulnerable web forms to manipulate how the backend database queries are constructed and executed. In this case, an authenticated attacker could potentially craft inputs that allow them to run arbitrary SQL commands on the database, such as accessing, modifying or deleting sensitive data.

The best way users can protect themselves is to immediately update their Ruggedcom Crossbow installations to version 5.3 or above, which has addressed this security flaw. Organizations should also carefully review their database privileges and logs for any signs of unauthorized access or unusual queries. Applying the principle of least privilege when granting database permissions helps minimize potential damage from exploits.

Staying on top of product updates is critical for any internet-connected systems, especially those involved in infrastructure control. By taking prompt action to patch known vulnerabilities, users can help prevent their networks from being compromised by attackers looking to steal data or disrupt operations through SQL injection and other common web hacking techniques.