Server Error Leaks Sensitive Data on Acme Corp Websites

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

A vulnerability was recently discovered that could allow attackers to retrieve sensitive configuration information from Acme Corp web servers. The CVE assigned to this issue is CVE-2023-25948 and it has a CVSS score of 7.5, making it an important issue to address.

The vulnerability affects Acme Corp’s web servers and occurs when the server generates an error message in response to a specially crafted request. Instead of only displaying a generic error to the user, in some cases the server response would include internal configuration files or database credentials. This type of information leak could give attackers insights into the server setup that help with further attacks.

To exploit this, attackers would simply need to trigger a server error through malformed requests and view the error page contents for any secrets exposed. No authentication is required to view error pages on many servers.

If you rely on any Acme Corp web properties, you should contact their support team to inquire about updating to the latest versions that address this vulnerability. General best practices of keeping software updated, limiting error information disclosed, and monitoring servers for suspicious activity can help mitigate risks from this type of issue.

Stay vigilant and protect your data by keeping an eye on security advisories from the technology providers you depend on. Configuration leaks, if exploited, could have serious consequences.