Shopping Cart Vulnerability Allows Database Manipulation on ABC Company Website

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.8

The ABC Company website was found to have a vulnerability in its shopping cart functionality. According to a CVE entry, the ‘bookisbn’ parameter sent to the cart.php resource on the site did not validate user input before sending it to the database.

This means that a malicious actor could manipulate the value of this parameter and inject arbitrary SQL commands into the database. They may be able to view, modify or delete database records this way.

The technology affected is the shopping cart built into the ABC Company website. It uses a database backend like mySQL to store order information. Failing to sanitize user input on parameters sent to the database exposes the site to SQL injection attacks.

Users of the ABC Company website should make sure to change their passwords in case any were compromised. The company has also likely patched the vulnerability by now, but users should still be cautious about entering any sensitive details until the issue is fully resolved. Input validation is a critical step to prevent attacks like this and protect user data.

Website owners need to sanitize all user input, use prepared statements and avoid directly embedding external variables in SQL queries to close vulnerabilities like this in the future. User trust and data security should be top priorities.