Update Your Roxy-WI Installation to Patch a Directory Traversal Vulnerability

CVSScvssV3_1: 7.5

Roxy-WI is a popular web interface used to manage servers like Nginx, Apache and more. Unfortunately, versions prior to are affected by a directory traversal vulnerability.

Directory traversal attacks allow malicious actors to access files and directories that are normally outside of the web server’s root folder. In this case, by using special sequences like `/etc/nginx/../passwd`, a hacker could potentially view the password file on the server.

This works because older versions of Roxy-WI did not properly sanitize these “dot-dot-slash” sequences that try to move up the file system. By chaining multiple of these together, a hacker could browse important configuration files or even server credentials.

The good news is that the developers have released version which fixes this security flaw. All Roxy-WI users are highly recommended to update immediately. Make sure to keep your installation up-to-date with the latest patches to stay protected from vulnerabilities like this. Regularly reviewing your services and plugins for updates is key for any web server’s security.

With some simple steps like updating your software, you can help prevent directory traversal attacks and ensure your servers remain secure. Stay vigilant by routinely checking for new patches from your software providers.