Update Your Whoogle Search Installation to Fix Server-Side Request Forgery Vulnerability

CVSScvssV3_1: 9.1

Whoogle Search, an open source metasearch engine, had a vulnerability in previous versions that could allow attackers to perform server-side request forgery (SSRF).

Server-side request forgery is a type of attack where an attacker is able to craft requests that are executed by the server on the attacker’s behalf. In the case of Whoogle Search, the vulnerability was in how user-supplied input was handled before making requests. This input was not properly validated and could be used to target internal resources that the server had access to but were not meant to be publicly accessible.

An attacker could potentially exploit this to access sensitive internal files, databases, or even launch attacks on other systems on the private network. While the vulnerability has been fixed in version 0.8.4, users still running older versions are advised to update immediately.

Always make sure to keep your software and applications up-to-date to protect yourself from known vulnerabilities. Regularly checking for and applying updates is one of the best ways to help prevent exploitation. If you have Whoogle Search installed, be sure to upgrade to the latest version to close this server-side request forgery vulnerability.