Urgent Update Needed: XWiki Platform Vulnerability Allows Remote Code Execution

CVSScvssV3_1: 10

XWiki Platform is an open source wiki software that allows users to collaboratively edit and manage content. Unfortunately, versions prior to 13.10.11, 14.4.7 and 14.10-rc-1 are affected by a serious vulnerability that can allow remote code execution.

The vulnerability stems from a lack of input sanitization when processing UI extension parameters. A malicious actor can craft a special wiki page that contains code in languages like Groovy or Python. When other users view certain admin pages, the embedded code will be executed on their devices with the permissions of the wiki platform.

This essentially allows a remote attacker to run any commands they want on the server. They can then access, modify or delete data. In the worst case, they may be able to install malware, ransomware or miners to compromise the entire wiki platform.

The good news is XWiki has released patches to fix the issue. All XWiki Platform users should immediately update to the latest versions. Admins should also audit wiki pages for any suspicious content and make the fixes mentioned in commit 6de5442f3c as an additional precaution.

Staying on top of software updates is critical for security. Be sure to always apply the latest patches for any tools or platforms that could provide a gateway for hackers into your network. Your data and infrastructure will be significantly more vulnerable if you are using outdated, unpatched software.